Go FullyRaw in Bali with Kristina 
for 7 Nights & 8 Days October 5th-12th, 2019
I welcome you to join my very exclusive retreat experience for health, healing, and liberation. This retreat is for you, a health and lifestyle lover, who loves adventure, delicious raw and vegan food, nature, education, yoga, and even meditation. It’s not just about food. This is a mind, body, and spirit journey. I am going ALL out to create a once in a lifetime experience that will leave you feeling motivated, inspired, and excited for the future.  

My husband Colin and I absolutely loved the retreat! It was a week of AMAZING, BEAUTIFUL, and DELICIOUS food! We never went hungry, that’s for sure! In fact, my husband was so inspired by the food, that he purchased several of the raw recipe books from a few of the restaurants, and he is going to start making raw food for us! He said if you can make raw food taste that good, then he will eat raw! Maybe not 100%, but mostly vegan with lots more raw.  
We loved the excursions, the yoga, meditation, and the breathing class. Colin had some life-changing breakthroughs during the breathing exercise. We also loved our one-on-ones with Kristina. She is so loving, kind, and truly inspiring! Kristina’s staff and her mom were such a joy to have there, and all equally inspiring! It was a week of healing, nurturing, love, re-setting, and up-leveling. This retreat attracted over 30 like-minded amazing people! Although our backgrounds and stories were all different, we all had the vision and similar journey of health in common, which created strong bonds, lots of love, and lasting friendships!  
If you’re considering coming, COME! You will love it! We will definitely be back next year! - Jen Kelly
I have just returned from the very first FullyRaw Retreat in Bali and if I had to sum it up in two words I would say LIFE CHANGING. It exceeded all expectations, I knew it would be a beautiful place and pure clean food that would help me heal even more but what I received was so so much more. I’ve gained a second family with our group and I love them with all my heart. I was able to focus on selflove and healing past trauma in such a safe space to be myself. The yoga, meditation, food and excursions all combined allowed me to feel a freedom and joy I hadn’t been elevated to in a while and I will be forever grateful for the tools and support provided by taking a leap and making this experience happen. I will absolutely be going on another retreat in my future with FullyRaw retreats and will be bringing my loved ones! It was that amazing and I want to pay this forward to everyone! Thank you to Kristina and the entire team for the love and energy you all poured into this. It showed and I am overwhelmed with love and joy having gained such special memories with you all. Thank you for all of the knowledge and growth as well so I can raise the bar even more and become an even better healthier version of myself. - Kristen Froehlich 

Words cannot describe the blessing and honor it was to attend the first fully raw retreat by FullyRawKristina at the Soulshine center in Bali.
This has been one of the most memorable and beautiful experiences I have had. I had the honor to meet 39 beautiful people whose love, compassion and happiness made this journey an unforgettable experience. Kristina and her team always made us feel at home and part of the family. They were always very thoughtful and making sure all of our needs were attended to. Their attention to detail and their loving hearts made us feel loved, safe, and very special.
Our days were filled with activities, delicious food and always good spirits. We had morning walks around the rice fields near our retreat center, followed by the best yoga classes and breakfast, as always a beautiful spread of fruits, smoothies, coconut yogurt, raw chocolate puddings and freshly made juices. Lunchtime at Soulshine was amazing and dinner was even better. Each night we went to a different restaurant where we ate the most delicious and creative raw vegan food. We also had cooking classes and lectures with Kristina, gratitude circles, meditation, and during our week there we made a few trips to a waterfall, a beach, and a water temple. In all it was a very special, magical, humbling and grounding experience and I will always treasure all the memories. I am forever grateful! - Betty Ramos
I feel so happy and blessed to have been a part of Kristina's first fully raw vegan yoga retreat. I cannot put into words how grateful I am. Before the end of the first day, I felt like it was already worth my money. To be with so many like-minded, compassionate individuals was a blessing. I didn't expect it at all, but before long I had a whole new family. Before the week was over I connected with all of the people at the retreat on a deeper level than most of my friends and family at home. I was able to talk about things I wasn't able to before and felt fully supported by the group. I listened to other people as well and we all offered each other emotional support. Through the healthiest food, breathing exercises, yoga, community, fun, and adventure I was able to heal and restore myself physically, emotionally, and mentally. I've never felt healthier than during and after the retreat. It is such a night and day difference to eat all fresh raw vegan food compared to anything processed. I now understand how to thrive on a raw food diet, just by doing this one week retreat. It was not a challenge at all to eat all raw foods, instead, it was a blessing to have the experience. None of us felt like we were missing anything on the diet. All of our nutritional needs were met and we always felt satiated. There was an abundance of foods and an incredible variety with unlimited creativity. And there was plenty of opportunities to learn to prepare raw foods as well as ask questions regarding the diet. To be surrounded with people who are interested in the raw food diet made it so much easier to overcome the challenges that now seem so much more simple than they did before. A lot of the challenges of the raw food diet are just in the mind due to lack of experience. I can say that I experienced more muscle gain on the retreat than I did before when I was eating cooked foods with oils and protein powders and I learned that whole food like raw vegetables are better for gaining muscle than protein powders are. The body can much more easily assimilate whole foods, like zucchinis than it can protein powders. Kristina is such a bright light to this world and it was a blessing to be around her and be inspired by her. She is an absolutely genuine person with a true passion for healing others primarily through the raw food diet, but also through yoga and community. She is so enthusiastic and will bring joy and presence to any situation with her loving attention. The retreat was so well designed. I was happy to always have something to do that I loved. Enjoying great raw vegan food, doing yoga, meditation, going on walks, exploring, enjoying time on the beach, massages, and barely any downtime made it an experience that would positively change my life forever down to my daily habits, routines and even thought processes. All activities were optional, but I didn't want to miss anything. Now I realize that I can live a healthy and abundant lifestyle and not feel like I'm missing anything. All my desires for the retreat were fulfilled by the first day and every day after that was another level of awesome. I'm glad I got to see how the raw food diet is done in person. The retreat was priceless, definitely a once in a lifetime experience. Definitely life-changing. It was worth every penny and more. I would definitely go again because I feel so much lighter and happier as a person and I feel like every time I would go back would just add so much to my joy and I encourage anyone who is interested in raw foods and yoga to go to one of Kristina's retreats. You will meet so many great people and have a wonderful time. Everything is taken care of and very well planned. I love the retreat so much! It is a life-changer I will have to go again sometime. Oh yeah and not to mention the retreat was in Bali! It was such an island paradise. We were surrounded by beauty the entire time, from the natural environment to the incredible architecture, and all of the different art districts. We got to explore Bali and now I feel like I really got to know the island and its culture. Kristina knows the place very well and the culture is extremely welcoming and they have incredible hospitality especially at Soulshine, the beautiful, incredible retreat center that we stayed at. Bali has some of the most beautiful and incredible art you will find anywhere. From the architecture to paintings, to statues, to wood carvings, clothes, and even jewelry. You name it, they've got it in the highest quality for a good bargain. I also feel very blessed to be welcomed by the Balinese into their temples and to receive water blessings from the holy springs. Everywhere in Bali, they give offerings to God daily. The spiritual atmosphere of the region really brings a strong vibe of peace and love. After the retreat, I feel like I want to redesign my life. It's as if I am more aligned with my purpose in life and more ready to fulfill it. I have so much more motivation to live positively and make a huge positive impact on the world. I feel like I've gained the confidence to succeed in anything I want in life especially living a healthy and balanced spiritual lifestyle. I've also gained a support system through the community that we shared at Soulshine in Bali. - Richard Austin
Attending Kristina’s FullyRawRetreat was my first retreat of any kind.. ever. It was more than I could’ve ever imagined. Meeting her, being in Bali, and learning about raw foods is what sold me on the retreat, but getting to know the people made this a life-changing experience. Kristina and her team created a magical experience and found the most magical people from all over the world to come and participate. I can’t thank her enough for the tools she gave us to lead healthier lifestyles and for the opportunity to make these life-long new friendships. THANK YOU KRISTINA and the Fullyraw team. I can’t wait to see you all again and be part of more retreats and more magical moments. - Zoe Rivers
The retreat was amazing and so healing! Everything about it was so perfect, it's hard to come up with the words to really express how great it was. I have taken everything I learned and brought it home to use in my everyday life. It was just the motivation I needed to stay raw and continue on my journey to wellness. The retreat taught me so much including that food isn’t everything, you really need to take care of your spiritual self and get yourself healthy in all areas of your life and everything will fall into place. We learned amazing recipes, how to meditate, yoga, how to journal, we also had an opportunity to do a one on one with Kristina and ask her anything we wanted. I really appreciated how open and honest Kristina was, you can tell she is full of integrity. The yoga and meditation were so good and very healing, it was just what I needed. I was a little nervous to go so far alone, but it was the best thing I could have done for myself. I’m constantly giving to others and this was just what I needed. I met so many amazing people and developed relationships that I will truly cherish forever. - Alexis Vickery
Our goal is to reset our bodies, heal from emotional pain, transform into our best selves yet, resurface as powerful beings, and experience incredible joy. I want to teach you how to have the health freedom you desire, while learning to enjoy your life along the way!  

This retreat will take place in the heart of Ubud, Bali at the Soulshine Retreat Center. Many day excursions and field trips will be taken to other cities and other parts of the island during the retreat as well.
Not only will there be daily yoga, meditation, adventures, and community, but also raw and vegan food abundance at every meal. 

This is not your typical getaway retreat. It’s a once in a lifetime opportunity to discover a new path for yourself, relax, laugh, get in great physical shape, make new friends, find inner peace, spend time with me (Kristina!), eat incredibly delicious food, and learn how to make a truly healthy lifestyle work for you no matter where in the world you live. 

I am bringing the best of the best yoga teachers, mediation teachers, chefs, fitness trainers, and even motivational speakers to join us and help to coach everyone along the way.

If you’re looking to surround yourself with amazing people, THIS IS IT.

It’s going to be an EPIC retreat.

High vibes only. 

- Total price includes an inclusive retreat.
- All expenses mentioned below other than your plane ticket will be covered.
- From the moment you land in Bali, we will be taking care of you to make sure that you have the BEST experience possible.
-This is about YOU.
  • Transportation to and from the airport 
  •  7 night hotel stay 
  •  2 raw or vegan meals a day at Soulshine Bali
  •  1 raw or vegan dinner night daily at Kristina’s raw / vegan restaurant of choice
  • **The option for those to eat raw vegan or simply vegan at every meal will be available
  •  Daily yoga classes
  •  Group mediation sessions
  •  Group adventures daily with trips to waterfalls, the ocean, temples, and more
  •  Wellness workshops that include food demos or recipe prep classes
  •  Daily educational talks, courses, and demos
  • This includes motivational speakers (like me!)
  •  Fitness training daily (optional)
  •  Women’s Circles
  •  Spa Day (1 massage per person)
  •  1 private hour long coaching session with Kristina
  •  ...and much more!
  •  I have NEVER been so excited to host a retreat like this, and I am VERY excited to get close and personal with the group of individuals who come.
  •  It’s in BALI, Indonesia, one of the most magical places on earth. 
  •  I lived in Bali for 4 months last year, and it became like a second home to me. I am excited to share with you all of my favorite spots and secret places on the island.
  •  You will be eating the most delicious raw vegan or vegan food at EVERY meal! You will be sooo spoiled, trust me.
  •  Every night, we will be eating at a different raw vegan or vegan restaurant. My choices! The best! Raw vegan options will be available for every person if that is  more comfortable to you. If you prefer vegan, that is available as well. 
  •  No meat or dairy will be served at the retreat. I will be sharing the importance of living healthfully, ethically, and environmentally with our group and why this has such an impact on our bodies and the planet. 
  •  You will have an in-person one-on-one coaching session with me.
  • So get your questions ready!
  •  You will receive an epic massage from the Balinese who master in the best forms of healing touch.  
  •  The center we are staying at was founded by Michael Franti, who is a music legend for creating conscious and powerful music. This center is so peaceful. It’s in the middle of a jungle and also next to a gorgeous rice field with an organic garden and even pool. I am so grateful Soulshine is hosting us, because it is my FAVORITE place to stay while I am in Bali. I stayed last year, and I didn’t want to leave. Literally.
  •  Daily yoga classes with the BEST yoga teacher Nick Zogg. He is a Baptiste teacher, and I practice with him almost daily when I am home. 
  •  You will get to exercise daily AND eat pristine, which means that this is a vacation that you don’t have to worry about gaining weight on...you will come back looking in shape and feeling better than ever! Are you ready to start glowing?
  •  I will be leading daily wellness workshops along with other amazing individuals. You will be getting lots of personal attention to achieve the results you desire and to make sure ALL of your questions are being answered.
  •  I will be leading women’s circles during the retreat for those who desire deeper emotional and spiritual healing.
  •  0-2 Breath Awakening Class
  •  I am going to keep us BUSY! There will only be about 20-30 minutes of rest periods during the day because there is so much FUN to have. During your down time, you have the option to swim, sunbathe, reflect on the lessons, meditate, or take walks through the rice fields.
  •  Gratitude circles and meditations will be a part of our morning and evening routine. 
  •  There will be an EPIC DANCE party under the stars!!
  •  You will get to meet some of the COOLEST people on this trip, many of which will have common interests with you. Some of these individuals may even be your friends for life.
  •  You will leave this retreat healthier and happier than EVER. NOW is your chance! Why wait?!
    •  Only 30 spaces available. 
    •  First week is the early bird special. After the first week, price will go up. 
    •  Once you arrive, you’ll be given a daily schedule.
    •  Families are welcome.
    •  The Soulshine Retreat Center has all amenities, including wi-fl. There will be staff with the hotel who will be helping us, so you will be well taken care of if you need anything at all. 
    For more questions, please contact us at retreats@fullyraw.com
    Point of contact: Tina Brockie                Assistant: Lorra Fae

    Morning Yoga with Instructor
    Morning Meditation
    Raw Vegan Breakfast at Soulshine
    30 Minute Break
    Presentation / Demo with Instructor
    Individual Sessions with Kristina
    Outings & Adventures with the Group to the BEST Magical Spots in Bali
    Raw Vegan Lunch at Soulshine
    Afternoon Talk with Kristina about Raw Food & Healthy Living/ FAQ
    Optional: Massages & Spa
    Group Outings for Food Demos, Classes, & More!
    30 Minute Break
    Dinner at a Different Raw / Vegan Restaurant Each Night
    Before Bedtime Group Session (Yoga) & Meditation Gratitude Circle
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